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3 Safety Tips for Driving Your Rental Car

When driving a car that doesn’t belong to you, it’s always a good idea to take extra precautions. While you do have insurance when driving a rental car, it’s always better not to have to use it. At Empire Rent A Car, we take special care of our fleet so we can provide high quality rental cars to customers in the New York area. Below, we’ve listed three driving tips we recommend in order to avoid any unnecessary damage to your rental car.

Rental Car Safety Tips

1. Take Care When Entering and Exiting Driveways

Dips and bumps are all too common with commercial and even residential driveways. We have all either experienced or seen drivers enter or exit a driveway only to have the front undercarriage of their vehicle scrape against the coarse concrete. To avoid damage to the undercarriage of your rental car, slow down as you approach driveways so you can carefully navigate your exit or entrance. Also, keep in mind how your rental vehicle differs from the vehicle you typically drive. If you are used to driving a larger car or an SUV but have rented a compact car, make sure you are aware of the car’s lower ground position.

2. Stay Alert and Avoid Distraction

Did you know that it only takes three seconds of distraction to cause an accident? So while it may seem harmless to glance down at your phone and answer a text, the consequences could be fatal. Stay focused on the road at all times so you can react and avoid potential accidents. Put your phone away and if you’re drowsy or tired, pull over to grab a cup of coffee or rest until you feel awake enough to drive.

3. Always Use Turn Signals

Not using your turn signal is an easy habit to fall into. However, turn signals tell the vehicles around you that you plan to change lanes or make a turn, so it’s always a good idea to use them. Even if you’re just changing lanes, you want to give other drivers a chance to prepare to slow down or allow you to merge. Be courteous and safe by always using a turn signal before you merge or slow down to make a turn.

Whether you’re driving your own personal vehicle or a rental car from Empire Rent A Car, we recommend you always follow these safety tips. Check out our FAQs page for information on insurance or contact us at (800) 750-8782 with any questions!

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