Explore NYC’s Historic Neighborhoods

The sprawling metropolis of New York City is famous for its towering skyscrapers, bustling streets, and iconic attractions. Yet, beneath this skyline lie treasures often overlooked – NYC’s historic neighborhoods with stories whispered along the cobblestone streets and echoed in the facades of turn-of-the-century buildings. For those venturing to NYC and renting a car, there’s an opportunity to discover these best-kept secrets. So, let Empire Rent A Car be your tour guide around the city!

Explore NYC's Historic Neighborhoods

Greenwich Village: A Bohemian Utopia

Nestled in the heart of lower Manhattan, Greenwich Village has long been a haven for artists, writers, and musicians. Its rambling streets tell the stories of social movements and avant-garde expressions, where historic townhouses stand in defiance of the grid system that defines much of the city.

  • Historical Significance: Birthplace of the Beat movement, home to the Stonewall Inn and its pivotal role in LGBTQ rights.
  • Must-Visit Spots: The legendary Washington Square Park, cafés inhabited by past literary greats, and the iconic Blue Note Jazz Club.

DUMBO: From Industrial to Inspirational

Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, commonly known as DUMBO, is a synthesis of the past and the modern flair. What was once a district of warehouses and factories has seamlessly transitioned into a hip area teeming with art and extraordinary culture.

  • Art and Culture Scene: Renowned for its galleries, one-of-a-kind boutiques, and hosting Brooklyn’s signature event, the annual DUMBO Arts Festival.
  • Iconic Views and Landmarks: Capture the unforgettable image of the Manhattan Bridge as it frames the Empire State Building, and traverse the cobblestone streets that have become icons in their own right.

Harlem: The Soul of New York

Beyond the bustle, Harlem embodies the essence of African American history and culture. With its strong Renaissance roots entwined in the streets, Harlem invites its visitors to partake in an immersive cultural voyage.

  • Famous Jazz Clubs and Theaters: The Apollo Theater stands as a beacon of African American performance art, while jazz clubs fill the air with soulful melodies.
  • Culinary Delights: Indulge in mouth-watering soul food, a testament to Harlem’s rich culinary heritage.

Williamsburg: Brooklyn’s Artistic Playground

Arguably the epitome of hipster culture, Williamsburg is a mosaic of eclectic fashion, innovative eateries, and artistic expression that decorate the eastern shore of the East River.

  • Street Art and Galleries: Murals splashed across urban canvases, indie art hubs, and contemporary galleries that challenge conventions.
  • Trendy Shops and Restaurants: Explore the boutiques offering bespoke creations and savor the local beverages in a myriad of atmospheric coffee shops, breweries, and bistros.

Explore NYC in Style

If you’re looking for a fun and creative way to take in the city, these are the must-visit neighborhoods. You could rely on public transit or expensive taxis to do so. Or you could call Empire Rent A Car in New Hyde Park. We have a great selection of affordable rentals, including cars, vans, and luxury SUVs. You deserve to travel how you want to when visiting the Big Apple. So, get a quote from us today at (516) 977-2000.

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