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Toll Roads EZ Pass

How do we deal with toll roads?

We offer drivers the ability to go through E-ZPass tolls without fees, so that you don’t have to worry about accruing any violation fines. You can login at One Pass Tolls or call their phone number (877) 691-7277 and put in your rental dates and rental agreements to find out how much your toll fees are. We offer this to our customers for only $8.95/day plus the cost of the toll; it is only charged on days you incur tolls.

Will my credit card or debit card be charged when I enter the information online?

No. Your credit card or debit card will only be charged, once you speak with a representative from our company to finalize your reservation and to discuss the best possible rate.

Do I need to keep my rentals in state, or can I travel outside of New York?

At Empire Rent A Car, most of our vehicles are available for trips out of New York State, but you must inform us of your traveling plans and your furthest destination prior to departure. For an out-of-state trip, you will need to get written approval from the manager. Depending on the type of vehicle you reserve, you may be eligible for unlimited miles or a personalized mileage program all your own.

If you will be traveling more than 350 miles away from Empire’s office, you must notify us when you make the reservation. Our daily rental fees and mileage rates for a long distance rental may be different than those quoted to you on the Internet or by our agents.

If you change your travel plans while already on the road, and decide to go outside to 350-mile radius that’s alloted with you rental, you will be expected to contact our office and notify us so that we can review your rental contract and update the rental and mileage rates, when applicable.

Do I need to buy car rental insurance from you? How do I make sure I am covered for my car rental?

No, you don’t have to buy our insurance if you’re already covered by some other plan. Many automobile insurance policies that you already have for yourself or your business cover a “like” vehicle. So, if you own a car or minivan, you could rent a car or minivan and still be covered. Many credit cards companies even offer free car rental insurance as a perk. Please check to make sure you are covered. If you’re not, we offer Collision Damage Waiver and other forms of insurance that will help protect you from any mishaps.

Do you rent to drivers under 25 years of age?

Yes. As mandated by the state of New York, you must be at least 18 years of age to rent. Any renter ages 18 to 21 will be charged an additional “Young Renters Fee” of $57 per day. Any renter ages 22 to 24 will be charged an additional “Young Renters Fee” of $20 per day.

What is DEF?

DEF refers to diesel exhaust fluid, which is a special type of fluid that diesel vehicles consume. There is a daily fee of $1 per day as a refueling charge. This is something that the customers cannot refill, but it is refilled by the rental office.

Questions? Contact us today!

I’d like to get a trailer rental; can I tow it with my own vehicle?

If your vehicle is powerful enough to handle the trailer and is equipped with the appropriate hitches, then you can certainly use your own vehicle. Simply contact us at (718) 353-6848, and we can discuss it. Many of our van rentals and truck rentals can tow the trailers, as well, so you can get one of those if your vehicle doesn’t work.

Do you offer any accessories that I can rent with my vehicle?

We offer GPS navigation devices, bicycle racks, car seats, and booster seats. If you get a cargo van, truck, or trailer rental for moving purposes, you can also rent a hand truck, moving dolly, and furniture pads.

What types of payment does Empire Rent A Car accept?

For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards, debit cards, and cash. For more details regarding payments and deposits, see our policies.

Where are you located?

We have several locations throughout NYC that enable us to serve many regions, including Flushing, College Point, Forest Hills, Bronx, Brooklyn, Ridgewood, Long Island City, Floral Park, and the surrounding areas.

If I’m flying into the JFK or LaGuardia airports, how can I get to my car?

We offer affordable and convenient pickup and delivery services for our airport rental cars. Contact us for more information.

Can I rent a vehicle from one location and drop it off at another location?

Yes. We offer drop off service if you pick up your vehicle at one of our Empire Rent A Car locations and wish to return it at another Empire Rent A Car location within New York State.

If you still have unanswered questions, feel free to contact us at (718) 353-6848 to speak with a helpful employee. We look forward to serving you.

Why do I have to pay such high tax rates on my rental vehicle?

In addition to the sales tax rate that will be added to the cost of a rental vehicle, there is a passenger car rental tax rate that is set at 12%. This tax rate is in effect no matter what kind of vehicle is being rented. The car rental tax is not in the company’s control and is government imposed. To read more about this taxation visit the following site: http://www.tax.ny.gov/bus/st/subject.htm.