Top 3 Brooklyn Bakeries You Have to Try

Are you on the search for that perfect french bread? Maybe while in New York you want to sample sweet treats or savory pies? If you’re in Brooklyn and want to find a fantastic bakery, then here are a few local favorites (and within an easy driving distance of our Empire Rent A Car location in Brooklyn).

Top 5 Long Island Attractions

Are you in New York for only a visit? Or maybe you’ve been here a while but haven’t done all the exploring you intended? Well, now’s the time to put on your adventure pants, rent a car, and take a drive to Long Island. Our crew here at Empire Rent A Car has put together this list of a few of our favorite places to visit when on the island.

3 Must-See Holiday Attractions in NYC

If there’s one thing that New York City does right, it’s the holidays. If you plan to be in NYC in the coming months, our staff here at Empire Rent A Car wants to make sure you don’t miss out on some local holiday-themed events. Here are three of our favorites.

The Morgan Library & Museum in NYC

At Empire Rent A Car, we want to include The Morgan Library & Museum on our list of must-see places in NYC, especially if you’re a fan of the written word. While not as well known as the American Museum of Natural History or The Guggenheim, The Morgan Library is a special treasure in a nonstop city, making it a sanctuary for the avid reader, history buff, and lover of beautiful things.

Rent a Car and Get to Know Queens

The beauty of Queens is that it truly has something for everyone. No matter if you’re an avid sports fan or a foodie, Queens has something to entertain you, feed you, and keep you coming back for more. At Empire Rent A Car, we’ve put together a list of a few of our favorite attractions, restaurants, parks, and more. We hope you’ll love our little piece of the city as much as we do.

How to Choose the Right Refrigerated Truck

When you need to transport something perishable or frozen, it’s important that you rent the right refrigerated truck. At Empire Rent A Car, we can help you find the right truck rental at the right price. We have two different refrigerated truck options: electric stand-by and vehicle powered. If you’re trying to decide which one is right for you, here are a few tips we give our customers throughout Brooklyn, Long Island, Queens, and the other NYC boroughs.

Make Moving Easier in NYC

You’re ready to make the move, but the more you pack boxes at your apartment, the more stuff you realize you’ve accumulated over the years. Gone are the days when you can cram all your belongings into the back of your sedan. This time, you’re going to need a moving truck. The good news is that no matter where you’re moving in NYC, Empire Rent A Car has a moving truck to meet your needs.