Discover Aquatic Life on Long Island

Sea lions, penguins, and sharks—oh my! You can explore all this and more at the Long Island Aquarium. New York is full of great museums and attractions, but if you’re looking to discover marine life from around the globe, then this attraction is one of our favorites here at Empire Rent A Car. Here’s what you need to know.

Which Car Rental Is Right for You?

Having car-rental options is a good thing, but it also can leave you feeling a bit confused about which vehicle best fits your needs. As you assess which of our rentals here at Empire Rent A Car will work for you, ask yourself these questions. By doing so, you should be able to better refine what you’re looking for and move forward in making the reservation.

Off-the-Map Places to Visit in Queens, NY

Whether you’ve lived in Queens all your life or you’re a first-time visitor, you want to see a side of this NYC borough that’s not mainstream. If you’re looking for a few unique attractions to visit the next time you’re in Queens, our crew at Empire Rent A Car recommends that you check out these lesser-known local haunts.

The Best Car Rental Deals in NYC

Visiting New York City—whether for business or pleasure—is expensive enough without having to shell out big dollars for a car rental. And let’s face it: You’d much rather be spending your money on a fantastic dinner out or visiting one of NYC’s top museums. We don’t blame you. That’s why at Empire Rent A Car, we offer New York visitors and residents the best rental deals around.

Top 3 Brooklyn Bakeries You Have to Try

Are you on the search for that perfect french bread? Maybe while in New York you want to sample sweet treats or savory pies? If you’re in Brooklyn and want to find a fantastic bakery, then here are a few local favorites (and within an easy driving distance of our Empire Rent A Car location in Brooklyn).

Top 5 Long Island Attractions

Are you in New York for only a visit? Or maybe you’ve been here a while but haven’t done all the exploring you intended? Well, now’s the time to put on your adventure pants, rent a car, and take a drive to Long Island. Our crew here at Empire Rent A Car has put together this list of a few of our favorite places to visit when on the island.

3 Must-See Holiday Attractions in NYC

If there’s one thing that New York City does right, it’s the holidays. If you plan to be in NYC in the coming months, our staff here at Empire Rent A Car wants to make sure you don’t miss out on some local holiday-themed events. Here are three of our favorites.