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Standard SUVs

Toyota Highlander or Similar
7-8 Passengers 4 Doors Luggage Capacity: 4-5 Automatic Transmission A/C Sunroof Navigation Leather Interior

Premium SUVs

Chevrolet Suburban or Similar
8 Passengers 4 Doors Luggage Capacity: 7-8 Automatic Transmission A/C Backup Camera Navigation Leather Interior

Luxury SUVs

Cadillac Escalade or Similar
7 Passengers 4 Doors Luggage Capacity: 5-6 Automatic Transmission A/C Captain Chairs TV / DVD

Powerful, luxurious, and always ready for an adventure, there’s nothing on the road that a full-size SUV rental can’t handle. Capable of driving in the toughest terrain and getting through the most inclement weather, SUVs have rightly earned their title as King of the Road.

Contact Empire Rent a Car at (800) 750-8782 today to make a reservation. Our locations throughout NY serve Flushing, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, College Point, Long Island City, Floral Park, and the surrounding areas.

Driving an SUV is about much more than just getting to your destination. It’s also about how you get there. At Empire Rent a Car, we like to say that our SUVs excel at the three P’s:

  • Power: Boasting mammoth engines, these vehicles can drive up the steepest mountains and tow heavy loads, all the while giving you a smooth ride.
  • Performance: Our large SUV rentals are equipped with snappy acceleration, responsive handling, four-wheel drive, and other high-tech features that make their time on the road almost effortless.
  • Prestige: SUVs are hard workers that outperform and outlast many other vehicles. High safety ratings, incredible performance, and comfortable interiors all make these vehicles a fan favorite.

As you can see, an SUV rental can turn even the most jaded traveler into a driving aficionado. Life is a journey; make sure you’re driving something worthy. You won't be disappointed with your travels in one of our large SUVs.

Large Luxury SUV Rentals

While you’ll love the way they drive, you’ll also love their unapologetic luxury. Sleek and sporty on the outside, the interiors cater to the passengers’ comfort in more ways than one. First of all, space is abundant. A full-size SUV rental can comfortably seat eight people and several pieces of luggage. Secondly, they boast the newest and the best in technology, like quality sound systems and intuitive controls. Thirdly, the modern interiors, swathed in leather with flashy accents, make an inviting environment for friends, family, business clients, or anyone else lucky enough to get a ride. Of course, that list only scratches the surface; rent a large luxury SUV and find even more ways it accommodates you.

At Empire Rent a Car, we offer quality vehicles for your time on the road. If it’s your first time renting with us, read some reviews from previous clients to see our high standards of service. In addition to large SUV rentals, we also offer midsize SUVs, vans, cars, airport rental cars, delivery vans, and trucks. If you’re looking for a long-term rental, please give us a call.

Contact Empire Rent a Car today at (800) 750-8782 to make a make a reservation, and save money by using one of our online specials. We’ve been making renting easy since 1970, and we look forward to continuing that legacy with you.

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