5 Tips for Planning a Spring Getaway

Whether you’re on a school schedule with a built-in spring break or you’re just in need of some respite, a spring vacation may be just what you need. A little time away, a break from the crazy schedule, will be like a breath of fresh air. Plus, who doesn’t love to go on a good road trip in the spring, when the flowers are blooming and the leaves are new and green? To make the most of your spring getaway, consider these five tips from our crew at Empire Rent A Car.

Spring on the Beach

1. Set and stick to a vacation budget.

Spending money on vacation is all too easy, YOLO, right? Well, spending too much can cause anxiety and regret once you return. Set a budget for yourself that allows for fun and splurging, but stick to it. You will be so glad that the “vacation you” didn’t go overboard, and you can return from your trip relaxed and rejuvenated instead of stressed about money.

2. Get a good deal.

Travel sites such as Groupon often have great deals, so take full advantage. Don’t pay full price when you could get a discount! (For car rental deals in NYC, check out our current specials to see whether any of them work for you.)

3. Make reservations ASAP.

Spring is a very popular time to travel as the weather warms up. As travel dates get closer, rental car and hotel availability becomes more and more limited. Booking early can save you money and the hassle of not getting the car or hotel you want because it is already booked. 

4. Be mindful of the ever-changing weather.

Choose seasonally appropriate activities. Do yourself a favor, and check the projected weather for that timeframe. A picnic on the beach may sound great now, but if you go too early, you may find yourself shivering with the picnic blanket wrapped around you.

5. Check out those ratings and reviews.

These days, it’s almost impossible to try something new without reading customer reviews first. While there are no guarantees, it always feels safer to try something when someone else has tried it and lived to tell the tale. The level of customer service you receive can make or break a trip, so pay attention to those reviews to hopefully know what you are getting into. 

For the very best in rentals (from cars to vans to SUVs), contact Empire of NYC today at (800) 750-8782. We’ll help you find a reliable car at an affordable rate for your spring getaway.

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