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5 Reasons to Rent a Vehicle

Often, people only think to rent a car when they are traveling or when their personal car is unavailable. But truthfully, rental cars are a great idea for so many other occasions! At Empire Rent A Car, we make it easy and affordable to rent for any number of reasons; here are our favorite five.

Reasons to Rent a Vehicle

1. Visitors

Do you have family coming in from out of town? That’s great! But if they don’t want to drive and not everyone can fit into one car, you’ve got a problem. Rent a minivan for a couple of days and take away the stress of accommodating your visitors!

2. Going Green

Some people make the “green” choice of simply not owning a car. But there are still some circumstances when it makes a lot of sense to have access to a vehicle. You’re still helping the environment by only driving for a day or two when you really need it!

3. Moving

You can’t always depend on having a friend with a truck. And if you own any kind of furniture, moving it is almost impossible with just a car! Book a moving van or a truck to make transporting all your belongings a breeze.

4. Save Your Car

Sometimes, you just want to save your car the wear, tear, and mileage. Whether your car is new and you want to keep it that way or it’s a lease and you have to keep the mileage down, a rental car is a great way to save your personal car.

5. Test Drive

Have you been thinking about buying a new car? Rather than only getting a five minute test drive at the dealership, rent the same make and model and take it on a weekend trip. You’ll get to see how it drives in rush hour or on country roads; anything you want to try you can!

Sometimes, renting a car just makes sense! At Empire Rent A Car, we’ve been making renting a car easy in New York since 1970. Contact us today at (800) 750-8782 to reserve one of our quality car rentals for any reason!

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