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3 Reasons to Rent a Pickup Truck

Almost everyone will need to use a pickup truck at some point in their life. The question is, do you need a truck often enough to justify the investment? If the answer is no, as you only need to use a pickup truck sporadically, then renting one typically makes much more sense than buying. Here are just a few of the reasons you might need to rent a pickup truck from the professionals at Empire Rent A Car. 

Rent a Pickup Truck

1. Moving

A typical move would require the use of a large box truck but what if you only have a few boxes and one large piece of furniture? You certainly would not need to rent a moving truck for a small move. A pickup truck would also come in handy if you are purchasing furniture from a store. Often, the cost to rent a truck is cheaper than the store’s delivery options.

2. Pulling

A sturdy and reliable pickup truck is a must if you are going to pull something large like a camper, trailer, or boat. Pickup trucks are great for pulling these types of vehicles but, if you aren’t going to use them year-round, renting a truck might be the best route for you. 

3. Hauling

It’s not too early to think about the spring cleaning and chores that you will be doing around the house in the next couple of months. A pickup truck would be extremely useful for transporting mulch for your landscape cleanup. You can also use it to haul away trash or items you are cleaning out of your home for donation. 

When it comes to pickup trucks, the possibilities are endless. Let Empire help you find what you need today. If you are in New York, including Queens, the Bronx, and Brooklyn, give Empire Rent A Car a call at (800) 750-8782. We are experts in all things “rental” and we offer competitive prices, unmatched customer service, and reliable, high quality rental vehicles. Call, stop in, or make a reservation online anytime. 

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