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3 Reasons to Choose a Full-Size SUV Rental

You’ve been considering all your car rental options, and you keep wondering whether that full-size SUV rental is a good fit for your family. “Does it have enough space for all of us to ride comfortably and to store our luggage?” “Will it make our road trip simpler?” “Do we need or want the extra luxury?” Well, let our team at Empire Rent A Car answer all of those questions with a resounding “Yes!”—and here’s why.

Rent a Full Size SUV

Roomy and Comfortable

Our full-size SUVs can easily fit 8 adults and several pieces of luggage. You can pack plenty of suitcases and still have enough elbow room for everyone as you explore New York. 

Power and Performance

Boasting huge engines, our SUVs can drive up the steepest mountains and tow heavy loads, all while giving you a smooth ride. They are equipped with quick acceleration, four-wheel drive, and responsive handling that makes driving almost effortless.

A Touch of Luxury

Sleek and sporty on the outside, our SUVs cater to the passengers’ comfort with an added touch of luxury. They provide the newest and best in technology, like quality sound systems and intuitive controls.  The modern interiors, swathed in leather with flashy accents, make an inviting atmosphere for friends, family, business clients, or anyone else lucky enough to get a ride.

If a full-size SUV is a bit more than you need, you can also check out our mid-size SUV option as well as our minivans or cars. But no matter what, Empire Rent A Car can help you find just the right car rental to fit your needs and your budget. To find out more or to make a reservation, contact us today at (800) 750-8782. We’d be glad to tell you more about our full-size SUVs or any of our other rental vehicles.

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