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3 Must-See Quirky Roadside Attractions

When planning a road trip, it’s okay to be a tourist. In fact, at Empire Rent A Car, we encourage it! When driving around the East Coast, there is no shortage of quirky roadside attractions. And often, that’s what makes the journey fun! Check out these three attractions you’ll have to see to believe!

Quirky Roadside Attractions

1. Cushing Brain Collection (New Haven, Connecticut)

While driving through Connecticut, you can visit Yale University and see one of the strangest museums in America. Located in a dimly lit basement of a medical library is a room filled with jars of preserved brains! The Cushing Brain Collection is open to the public and is a delight for curious minds. Neurosurgeon Harvey Cushing’s main topic of study was brain tumors and his collection was donated after his death. You’ll feel like a mad scientist at this museum!

2. The Igloo Soft Freeze (New Paris, Pennsylvania)

You might feel like you’re hallucinating when you see this giant ice cream sundae on the side of the road in New Paris, Pennsylvania. The Igloo Soft Freeze is a small ice cream shop inside a building shaped like a giant scoop of vanilla ice cream. The building is painted to look like it’s been drizzled with chocolate sauce, and even has a bright red cherry! Inside you’ll find a delightful variety of ice cream, flurries, slushies, and ice cream sodas.

3. Lucy the Elephant (Margate City, New Jersey)

Take a slight detour on the way to Atlantic City to visit Lucy the Elephant, a six-story high architectural display and the oldest surviving roadside attraction in America. Build in 1881, Lucy is listed on the National Register of History Places and draws thousands of tourists each year. Visitors can even walk through Lucy on a guided tour!

The East Coast is packed with stunning scenery and exciting roadside attractions that will appeal to the whole family. To start planning your road trip, book a rental car with Empire Rent A Car in New Hyde Park, NY. We have a large selection of high-quality and affordable cars, trucksvans, and SUVsContact us today at (800) 750-8782 to make a reservation, or book online anytime.

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