3 Reasons to Try Traveling Alone

Traveling is often thought of as a group activity. Traveling with friends and family can be incredibly rewarding so you may think that traveling alone would somehow be a less enriching experience. However, there are countless benefits to taking a major trip by yourself at least once in your life. Consider these three reasons from your friends at Empire Rent A Car, and then get out there and start exploring solo!

3 Reasons to Choose a National Park for Your Family Vacation

Are you looking for the perfect fall getaway for your family? Maybe your original plans were thwarted by COVID-19 and now you need a backup plan. The good new is that most National Parks are open and, even if you aren’t an especially outdoorsy family, there is still plenty for you to do and see at a National Park. Our team at Empire Rent A Car has listed the top 3 reasons why National Parks make the perfect family getaway.