Which Trailer Rental Is Right for You?

At Empire Rent A Car, we don’t think transporting large cargo should be stressful. That’s why we provide high quality trailer rentals to the residents of New York, so you can get the space you need. We have an extensive selection of trailer options in a large variety of sizes so no matter what you’re hauling, we have the trailer for you. Read on to learn what type of trailer will be best for your needs.

Trailer Rental

Enclosed Trailers

The biggest benefit of renting an enclosed trailer is that your cargo will be protected from the elements. If you’re traveling long distances or you are worried about the weather, an enclosed trailer is probably the best choice. Another notable benefit of an enclosed trailer is the added security. Some renters find it helpful to be able to lock up their belongings inside the trailer.

Open Trailers

Open trailers also come with many benefits. First, open trailers are generally lighter weight than enclosed trailers, making them easier to maneuver with your tow vehicle. This also makes them more fuel-efficient and because the trailer is lighter, you can usually carry a heavier load. Open trailers are also beneficial to renters who need to haul tall cargo, like large furniture. Finally, open trailers are perfect for outdoor endeavors, such as hauling snowmobiles or dirt bikes.

New York Trailer Rentals

Whether you’re headed out of New York to some place tropical or you’re planning to spend a day gliding on your jet ski across the Hudson, Empire Rent A Car can help you get there. A trailer rental can give you the space you need to take your motorcycle or bike out-of-state on vacation, or transport your jet ski to the outskirts of the city.

If you’re in need of a trailer, look no further than Empire Rent A Car. We have provided Brooklyn with a wide selection of trailer rentals, car rentals, as well as SUV and van rentals since 1907. Contact us today at (800) 750-8782 or make a reservation online.

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