Affordable Car Rental Options in New York City

When it comes to vehicle rentals, can there be too many options? At Empire Rent A Car, we would argue that more options help you, the customer, find the rental that works best for you and at the best price. No matter the reason for your trip to NYC, we are confident that our professional team can help you with your rental needs to get you on the road without any undue stress. 

NYC Car Rentals


At Empire, we offer economy and mid-size car rental options. Our slim and trim economy cars get great gas mileage while still providing ample cabin space. Now you can be comfortable during your trip and relaxed while looking at your gas receipt, too. A little bigger and roomier than our economy fleet, our midsize rental cars give you the best of both worlds. They have spacious interiors, but still are able to fit into those tiny parallel parking spaces. More room for your passengers; more room for your luggage.


Spacious, comfortable, and road-ready, our vans help everyone enjoy the destination and the journey. Whether you’re going on a family vacation, planning a group trip in NYC, or getting ready to move, we have van rentals for every occasion. Our extensive fleet of van options include:


Spacious and comfortable, our large SUVs are ideal for your next vacation, group trip, or work conference. With seating for up to eight people and significant luggage room, passengers will have plenty of space to spread out and get comfortable. Better yet, the high-end handling system and incredible shock-absorbent design give passengers a smooth ride, regardless of any inclement weather or bumpy roads. More compact and slim than the full-size models, our smaller SUVs still come complete with seating for up to 7, expert handling, acceleration, and raw engine power.

Convenient Locations

Did you know that we have 11 locations throughout New York City? At each location you can expect the highest standards in customer service – read for yourself! You can also check out our specials page for current deals we have to save you even more. To book your rental car, contact Empire Rent A Car today at (800) 750-8782 or reserve online anytime. 


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