4 Reasons to Rent a Car for Your Next Weekend Trip

Do you have a road trip coming up? If you own a car, you might not normally consider getting a rental car for a weekend trip. What is the point in paying for a rental car when you have a car sitting in your garage? You might be surprised to learn that, according to the experts at Empire Rent A Car, there are several benefits to renting a car for a weekend trip. 

Reasons to Rent a Car

1. Gain Space

If your own vehicle is a small sedan or a truck without an extended cab, you might need to rent a bigger vehicle for your road trip. Many road trips are taken with friends or family and require a certain amount of luggage. A rental van or SUV would benefit you if you need extra space for passengers, luggage, or gear for your trip, and the size of your car just won’t cut it. 

2. Get Better Gas Mileage

You could save a great deal on gas if you rent a car with good gas mileage for your next weekend trip. If you own an SUV, for example, it could work well for you in everyday life but, on a road trip, it will be guzzling gas and the cost will add up. To save as much as you can at the pump, consider renting a smaller car that you can zip around in and that gets good gas mileage. 

3. Save the Miles

Why put wear and miles on your own car when you could use someone else’s? A rental car is a great idea for a road trip especially if you lease your car and need to watch your mileage. Don’t risk going over your allotted miles on your lease by driving your own car on your road trip. Instead, rent a car and you won’t have to spend your trip counting miles.

4. Reliability

Can your car even handle a road trip? Will you end up on the side of the road with car issues because your car is not reliable? An affordable and reliable rental car from Empire can get you to your destination and safely home again.

Are you ready to book your rental car for your next weekend trip? If you’re in New York City or the surrounding areas, contact Empire Rent A Car today (800) 750-8782 or make a reservation online anytime.

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