3 Ways to Tour Central Park

Whether it’s your first or your tenth time visiting New York, Central Park is on everyone’s must-see list. An oasis of green in the midst of a concrete city, Central Park is filled with dozens of sculptures, beautiful flowers, and a thrilling zoo — just to name a few. Here you’ll even find Cleopatra’s Needle, a granite obelisk almost 70 feet tall. Originally erected in the Temple of Ra thousands of years ago by an Egyptian pharaoh, it now stands proudly in NYC’s finest park.

Whether you’ve come to people watch or to nature watch, Central Park won’t disappoint. However, it’s hard to see this 840-acre park in just one walk. Instead, explore it with one of these fun tours:

Horse and carriage: Take a break from the speedy subways and try the romantic, beautiful, and leisurely ride that a horse and carriage provides. Most tours last between 45 and 90 minutes. Make a reservation today to treat your family to a ride they won’t forget.

Pedicab: Let a pedicab driver show you the famous landmarks and attractions as he pulls you around the park. You can opt for the short 30-minute tour or get the half-day experience.

Bike: For a cheaper — and just as fun — way to explore every inch of the trails, get a bike rental. Biking through Central Park is a fun way to get exercise and to see all the park has to offer. They cost about $15/hour or $40/day.

These rides will give you the chance to enjoy the beauty of Central Park in just a few hours. They’ll also leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.

Touring NYC

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