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3 Things You Don’t Need to Pack for a Road Trip

When preparing for a road trip, packing is one of the biggest and most headache-inducing tasks. Whether you’re traveling solo or you’re a mom packing for multiple kids, overpacking is a waste of space and effort. To simplify your travel this year, our team at Empire Rent A Car has put together a list of three things to leave at home.

What Not to Pack for a Road Trip

1. Excess Gadgets

Nowadays, smart phones can do nearly everything you could need to document your travels. Unless you’re a professional YouTuber, photographer, or writer, you are probably better off leaving your laptop and fancy camera at home. With your phone, you can look up any information you need, stay up to date on social media, and capture all the photos and videos you’ll need to remember your trip.

2. Multiple Pairs of Shoes

A great way to save space while you’re traveling is to pack only one or two pairs of shoes. For a warm weather trip, pack a pair of sandals for the beach or casual strolls, and a pair of closed-toe, supportive shoes you can wear for the long haul. For a cold weather trip, bring one pair of versatile (and waterproof, if possible) boots and one pair of dressier shoes (if you will need them).

3. Toiletries

Finally, simplify your packing by skipping (or reducing) the toiletries. If you’re planning on staying in a hotel, you can easily use the shampoo provided; and if you’re staying with family, you can ask to borrow a few items. Also consider leaving your hairdryer at home and using the one provided in the hotel. You’ll be thankful for the space you’ve freed up in your luggage and, chances are, you won’t even miss these items.

Ensure your trip is fun and relaxing by packing light and leaving unnecessary items at home. And don’t forget to rent a car from Empire Rent A Car. We have multiple locations throughout New York City, so you can pick up a  carSUV, or van, no matter where you’re coming from. To find out more about us or to rent a car, contact Empire Rent A Car today at (800) 750-8782, or book online at your convenience.

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