3 Reasons to Rent a Car for Holiday Travel

Are you headed out of town over the holidays? When you start to pack your family, luggage, and holiday gifts into your car, things can get cramped pretty fast. If you’re planning on traveling for more than a couple of hours, it won’t take long to start wishing you had more space. Our team at Empire Rent A Car wants you to travel comfortably this season, so we’ve put together a list of all the benefits of renting a larger car or van for your holiday travel this year.

Reasons to Rent a Car for Holiday Travel

1. Spread Out

When you try to cram your whole family into the back of a car – no matter what size – you will never have enough space. It’s rare that a car has all the leg room that an adult or older kid needs for traveling around town, let alone going on longer trips. When you factor in the luggage, casserole dishes, and gifts, you’re looking at an uncomfortable couple of hours. Why not instead treat your family to a minivan rental that will have plenty of space to give everyone a comfortable ride?

2. Save Money

Are you trying to decide whether to fly or drive to your destination? The cost of flying for a large family can add up quickly, plus you’ll have to be careful how much you pack. When you rent a van from Empire, your entire family can travel for one low price instead of purchasing individual plane tickets.

3. Stay Entertained

If you have young kids, road tripping can be a nightmare. From the constant “Are we there yet?” questions to the whining about being bored, it’s enough to suck the holiday spirit out of any parent. Instead, rent a minivan that is fully equipped with a DVD player and Sirius XM Radio. The time will fly by for the kids as they watch their favorite Christmas movies and everyone will arrive comfortable and happy.

For affordable car rentals in the New York area, contact Empire Rent A Car at (800) 750-8782. We have minivans, SUVs, sedans, and more, all of which are reliable and priced competitively. Let us help your holiday travel go a little more smoothly this year.

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