3 Reasons to Move to NYC in 2015

Are you feeling the urge to change things up? Ready for a brand-new adventure for the year 2015? A new year often comes with new life changes. If you’re looking for a new place to live and explore, Empire Rent a Car suggests making the move to New York City. Here are a few reasons why.

1. Cultural experiences.

No matter where you grew up, you’re bound to find new people, places, foods, ideas, and activities in NYC. New York as well as each borough—from Queens to Brooklyn—offers a different experience for NY residents and visitors. Empire Rent a Car suggests that before you load up your moving truck rental, come check out the area and see which NYC neighborhood fits you best.

2. Great food…any hour of the day.

If you’re not from New York, the idea of having Thai food delivered to your door at 4 a.m. may sound a bit absurd. Not the case in NYC. You can find all types of delicious food to tempt your palate, much of which you can enjoy without ever leaving your home.

3. Pick up the pace.

You’ve probably heard New York called the “city that never sleeps.” Well, it’s true. Throughout NYC, you can find life happening at all hours of the day and night—and perhaps at a faster pace than what non-New Yorkers might be used to. But if you enjoy being a part of the action and are willing to trade space for pace, then New York may just be your city. If you’re considering moving to New York in 2015, be sure to do your NYC research to find just the right area and living accommodations to fit your budget and lifestyle. When you’re ready to make the move, contact Empire Rent a Car of New York at 1-800-750-8782 to book a moving truck rental. We have many different truck rental options as well as car rentals and van rentals if you plan on visiting ahead of time. Empire Rent a Car has multiple locations throughout New York, and we also feature airport service at both JFK and La Guardia airports. Call us today if you have questions about a New York moving truck rental.
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