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Top Reasons to Rent a Minivan

So…you’re not a “van person”? Maybe you think that renting a minivan means the loss of your independence, your individuality, or perhaps even your cool factor? Well, our crew here at Empire Rent A Car is here to tell you that by choosing not to rent a minivan, you may be missing out. In fact, here are the top reasons why our satisfied customers love our minivan rentals.

Minivan Rental1. Space

Are you traveling with four or more in your group? Then a minivan may be a great way to go, and here’s why: A minivan seats up to seven people comfortably. Everyone has his or her own seat belt, cup holder, and even a window to look out. If elbow room is a necessity, then definitely choose a minivan over a rental car.

2. Convenience

A minivan was built with family travel in mind. Not only are our minivans spacious and comfortable, but they’re also equipped with extras that you’ll love. For example, those sliding doors are a lifesaver when you’re trying to get kids in and out of the car. Even adults have an easier time getting out of a minivan than those low-to-the-ground cars. Plus, with Empire Rent A Car, you can even opt to add Sirius radio, on-board navigation, or even a TV/DVD player for those long trips.

3. Affordability

As a general rule, minivans are an affordable travel option. Not only are the rental rates affordable (especially if you can snag a special offer!), but they’re also fuel efficient when it comes to the van world.

Did we make you a bit more interested in what a minivan rental can do for you? Want to hear more? Contact Empire Rent A Car today at (800) 750-8782, and we’ll connect you with our location nearest you. You can make a reservation over the phone or book online anytime.

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