Top 5 Road Trip Apps for Rental Car Travel

You schedule a trip. You look forward to getting away. You pack your bags, and you’re ready to go—except for one thing: apps. The right tools create an easy, enjoyable rental car travel experience when you hit the open road. From apps that make travel more accessible, to more efficient, to less expensive, Empire Rent A Car reviews the top five road trip apps.

Top 5 Road Trip Apps for Rental Car Travel

1. Gas Buddy

It’s no secret that everything is going up, including gas prices. While we can’t change gas prices, we recommend getting an app that tells you the cheapest nearby gas prices for your rental car. Gas prices vary from state to state and city to city. Therefore, an app such as Gas Buddy can help reduce a little stress and save you money. After all, every little bit helps!

2. Roadtrippers

Roadtrippers is great for those who begin with the end in mind. In other words, all you do is enter your beginning point and final destination, and the app does the rest. Roadtrippers gives you plenty of options to make the most of your road trip, from gas, dining, and hotels to points of interest during your journey.

3. Roadside America

Roadside America is like Roadtrippers’ quirky, eccentric aunt. Whereas the former emphasizes food, gas, hotels, and points of interest, the latter focuses on all things kitschy. This is an excellent app for roadside Americana. It makes the time fly by and provides interesting information about each place. If something like the world’s biggest ball of yarn or museums of the weird and wonderful pique your interest, you’ll love this app. 

4. Waze

First and foremost, everyone should have a map when they travel, no matter what kind of physical or software-related type you choose. There’s nothing wrong with native map apps, either. However, Waze is a great road trip app because it’s driver-focused and community-based. In other words, Waze provides real-time data from other users to communicate road closures, traffic alerts, and road hazards. The real-time data allows drivers to avoid delays and shave time off their trip. Plus, you can choose from various celebrity voices to deliver directions.

5. Entertainment Apps

There are so many apps and genres to choose from here; we couldn’t limit them to one. Maybe you travel alone and would like to hear a nice audiobook on Audible as you drive the rental car to its destination. Maybe you travel with a larger group in a rental passenger van and want access to great music like what Pandora or Spotify offer. Or, perhaps you travel with a companion and you’d like to check out a podcast. Whatever your situation is, think ahead to what entertainment app would best serve you.

But First, the Car

As you prepare for travel to the Bronx, Brooklyn, Long Island, or nearby, take some time to download the road trip apps that will make travel enjoyable and effective. No matter what vehicle in our inventory you rent, Empire Rent A Car wants you to have a safe, fun trip. Call (800) 750-8782 to reserve a vehicle or get an instant quote online.

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