Top 3 Kid-Friendly Car Rentals

No matter how seasoned a traveler you may be, adding kids to the equation makes traveling more complicated. The sheer amount of luggage and gear that you need to bring, combined with the numerous logistical details to work out, often makes traveling with kids difficult and stressful. To reduce stress and spend more time enjoying your family trip, plan ahead and rent a kid-friendly vehicle. Empire Rent A Car has an extensive fleet of vehicles with plenty of space and comfort features that your family will love. Here are the top 3 for you to consider on your next trip to NYC.

Top Kid-Friendly Car Rentals

1. Spacious SUVs

Our full-size SUVs offer everything you need for total comfort and storage. Along with enough space to seat eight, our SUVs offer high-end handling systems and an incredible, shock-absorbent design that give passengers a smooth ride, regardless of any inclement weather or bumpy roads. For a smaller group, consider the mid-size SUV option. Because these slimmer models are more economical, you’ll get a discount on the daily rate without sacrificing style and comfort.

2. Variety of Vans

It is no secret that vans are family-friendly. But, as an added bonus, many of our van rentals can take E85 fuel. This specialized gasoline typically costs one dollar less per gallon, which means even more savings for you. At Empire, we offer a variety of vans in all sizes, including minivans and 12– or 15-passenger vans, so you can easily find one that will meet your needs.

3. Capable Cars

If you are traveling with one or two children and are on a tighter budget, consider our midsize cars for your rental. They have spacious interiors, but are still able to fit into those tiny parallel parking spaces. Better yet, a midsize car gets good gas mileage and is an inexpensive car rental. Are you ready to book your trip but you’re still unsure which kid-friendly vehicle is right for you? Contact Empire Rent A Car today at (800) 750-8782 and our team will walk you through our rental process and answer any questions you may have. Be sure to check out our current specials to see how we can save you even more on your quality rental car.
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