Top 3 Car Rentals for Families

Planning a road trip with your family (let alone actually taking the trip) can be exhausting. You want to make sure you have all the details in place to make things as smooth as possible. Anyone with kids knows that unpredictable things will pop up somewhere en route, so it’s best to be as prepared as possible and be willing to deviate from “the plan” if necessary. 

However, at Empire Rent A Car, we also know that the right vehicle can make or break a road trip. So if you plan on renting a car for your next great getaway, we recommend that you consider these three options.

Minivan Rental1. Minivan

Our top pick when it comes to traveling with the family is a minivan rental. When it comes to comfort, convenience, and fuel economy, you just cannot beat the minivan. These babies were built with families in mind, even down to details like a cupholder for everyone. Plus, at Empire Rent A Car, we also offer a few extras like GPS navigation and in-vehicle TV/DVD player that can make the trip that much easier.

Large SUV Rental2. Large SUV

If you aren’t a fan of the minivan, another option is a large SUV (think: Chevrolet Tahoe or similar). With a full-size SUV, you still get plenty of seating and ample storage space but can also enjoy features like luxurious leather seating and that fun, sporty exterior. A couple downsides to the SUV (in comparison to the minivan) is that it doesn’t get as great of fuel economy, and it can be difficult to get smaller kids or infants in and out.

3. Passenger Van

D12 Passenger Van Rentalo you have a large family? Maybe you just like to pack a little bit of everything when you travel? Well, if you need plenty of seating or storage space, then consider a passenger van rental. These puppies come in many sizes, accommodating anywhere from 12 to 15 passengers. And if you want a luxury passenger van, then you can also consider the swanky and sizable Metris passenger van. With any of these options, you get a ton of space so your crew can spread out for your family adventure.

Make a Reservation

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