Start the New Year Right

Every December 31 is filled with great anticipation. The entire nation turns to the TV and, in unison, counts down as the Times Square ball drops—and the new year officially begins. This year, don’t just settle for seeing the excitement on TV—come to New York and experience it.

A Place to Party for Everyone

Whether you’re looking for the biggest party in the city or a family-friendly event, the Big Apple has a place for everyone to celebrate. Every year businesses, restaurants, and entertainment venues open up for thousands of parties. You can easily find places to celebrate in Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, and anywhere else you may be in the Big Apple.

If you’re looking for a family-friendly party, restaurants like Applebee’s and Chevys  often have DJs, kids’ games, and—of course—incredible food. Other entertainment venues, like Dave and Buster’s and AMC Theaters, also provide fun entertainment for all ages.

For those who want to be close to the action, nothing compares to being at Times Square. Watching the ball drop live, seeing concerts from world-renowned performers, anticipating the new year with one million other people in the crowd—all these activities make New Year’s at Times Square unforgettable.

Traveling Tips

Below are a few pieces of advice about New Year’s Eve in NY:

  1. Leave plenty of travel time. Due to the large influx of people on this special occasion, going somewhere will take a while. Whether you’re taking the subway or a rental car, make sure to leave lots of spare time.
  2. Make reservations in advance. Restaurants and parties can be booked days, weeks, and even months in advance. If you have your eye on a special place, make sure to claim your seat!
  3. If you’re driving a car rental, van rental, or other vehicle, remember to bring change for parking. You’ll need to pay a meter or a parking attendant. Also, ask the venue you’re going to about private and public parking.

Whether your New Year’s Eve destination is Times Square or Dave and Buster’s, Empire Rent a Car can help get you there. We have a large selection of high-quality cars, vans, and SUVs at affordable rates. Contact Empire today at 800-750-8782 to make a reservation.  

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