Production vs Cargo: What’s the Difference?

When businesses transport goods or equipment, two main types of vehicles are often used: production vans and cargo vans. While both types of vehicles serve similar purposes, some key differences set them apart. Empire Rent A Car offers both of these as corporate rentals, so let’s help you choose the right one.

Production Vs Cargo: What's the Difference?

How are Cargo Vans & Production Vans Used?

A production van is a specialized vehicle that is designed specifically for the transportation of goods or equipment. Businesses often use production vans in various industries, including construction, manufacturing, and retail. Cargo vans, on the other hand, is a more general-purpose vehicle that is designed for the transportation of a wide variety of goods. Small businesses and individuals often use cargo vans for tasks such as moving furniture or delivering packages.

What Are the Size Differences?

Production vans are generally larger than cargo vans, as they are designed to transport larger and heavier loads. This makes them better suited for businesses that require more space for their goods or equipment. However, cargo vans are typically smaller and more compact, making them better suited for smaller loads and shorter trips.

Which Van is More Durable?

Production vans are built to be more durable than cargo vans, as they are designed to withstand the rigors of transporting heavy loads on a regular basis. They are typically constructed with reinforced walls and floors and are equipped with heavy-duty suspension systems that can handle the weight of the load. Conversely, cargo vans are not built to withstand the same level of wear and tear and may not be suitable for transporting heavy loads on a regular basis.

What Are Their Special Features?

Production vans are often equipped with specialized features that are designed to make the transportation of goods more efficient. These features may include specialized storage compartments, racks, or shelves that are tailored to the needs of a specific industry. Cargo vans, on the other hand, do not typically have these specialized features and are more general-purpose vehicles.

Which One is Right For Your Business?

Do you know which van is right for you? If not, then it’s time to call Empire Rent A Car at (800) 750-8782. Our team is standing by to help you pick the right rental for your corporate needs. We also have a great lineup of SUVs and trucks ready for rent in Long Island, NY. So, get an instant quote from us today.

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