Off-the-Map Places to Visit in Queens, NY

Whether you’ve lived in Queens all your life or you’re a first-time visitor, you want to see a side of this NYC borough that’s not mainstream. If you’re looking for a few unique attractions to visit the next time you’re in Queens, our crew at Empire Rent A Car recommends that you check out these lesser-known local haunts.

Queens NYC

1. Fort Tilden

Not maintained for droves of tourists, Fort Tilden stands parallel to Coney Island and Brighton Beach on the outer edge of Queens. Once a World War I fortress, it’s now fallen into disrepair but can be a unique experience walking through its abandoned pathways. You can catch a glimpse of a once-formidable military base that’s been left to its surroundings. We do recommend that you take precaution if you plan to visit to avoid going off the path or getting too adventurous since the fort has not been maintained and may not be safe in some areas.

2. Houdini’s Grave

One of history’s greatest escape artists and magicians Harry Houdini is buried in Glendale, Queens. Much mystery and intrigue surround both the life and death of Houdini, and many people still gather at his grave to both pay respects and await something out of the ordinary.

3. Steinway Piano Factory

Steinway has long been a forerunner in creating beautiful looking and sounding pianos throughout the world. See for yourself where this musical magic begins at the Steinway Piano Factory in the Old Steinway Village.

4. Brooklyn Grange Farms and Apiary

While actually located in Queens, the Brooklyn Grange Farms and Apiary stands atop two NYC rooftops and has become the world’s largest rooftop soil farm. During growing season, you can visit to see the farm for yourself, pick up some produce, or even join in by volunteering to help out on the farm.

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