How to Handle a Rental Car Break-In

Nobody rents a car thinking that a break-in will happen to them. But unfortunately, this happens occasionally, and it’s always best to be prepared. While the rental cars from Empire Rent A Car always come with the best anti-theft security, a break-in can happen. So, here’s what you need to do if this happens to you and one of our rentals.

How to Handle a Rental Car Break-In

Call the Police

The moment you spot a shattered window or a door wide open, you need to call the police. Making them your first phone call will ensure that they get there quickly. Do not attempt to touch anything or get into the car, as this could impede the investigation. Additionally, finding a safe place away from the vehicle and calling the police first will help keep you safe, should the thief still be in the car or nearby.

Document the Damage

Once the police arrive, it’s time to document the damage. Make sure you take pictures and go through the car carefully to find missing personal items. Keep a note on your phone or a piece of paper of all the things stolen, including all of your personal items. File this with the police, as they’ll need it to help track down any stolen electronics.

Call Our Office

Give our office a call once you’ve spoken with the police and they’ve taken your statement about the rental car break-in. We’ll need copies of everything, including your documentation and the police report. We will ask you for this information so make sure you have it ready. We’ll also arrange for another rental car so you can continue running your business errands or enjoying your trip to the city.

Call Your Insurance Company and Credit Card Companies

Lastly, you’ll need to call your own insurance company to make sure they have a report of the rental car break-in on file. They will help you get the claim started for all missing items, including your wallet, electronics, and cash. They’ll also want to work with our insurance company to help cover damages to the car. And lastly, don’t forget to call your credit card companies and banks to cancel any active cards and get new ones issued.

Prevent a Rental Car Break-In

Preventing a break-in of your rental car starts with being aware of your surroundings. Make sure you park in a well-lit area and lock the doors when you leave the vehicle. You should also never leave any personal items or items of value in the car, as this can draw attention. Lastly, rent your truck, SUV, or minivan from a company that understands unfortunate things happen. We’ll work with you to resolve a break-in. So, get a quote by calling Empire Rent A Car in Brooklyn at (800) 750-8782.

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