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How to Find a Cheap Apartment in NYC, Part 1

Moving to the Big Apple can be a big challenge. The housing market is filled with countless people searching for the perfect home, and landlords often take advantage of this high demand by increasing rent. The good news is that, while the search for an apartment in NY can be hard, it’s certainly not impossible.

Below are some tips from Empire Rent a Car about how to find affordable housing in New York. Once you do find an apartment, make sure to reserve one of our cheap moving truck rentals.

Learn about the Boroughs

Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island — each borough has a different vibe, ambiance, and price tag. The first step is narrowing down the search by figuring out where the most expensive — and least expensive areas are.

The Council for Community and Economic Research conducted a study in 2013 of the most expensive places to live in the U.S. Below are the findings:

  • Manhattan was No. 1.
  • Brooklyn was No. 2.
  • Queens was No. 5.

If affordability is the most important factor in the housing hunt, Staten Island and The Bronx are generally the easiest on the wallet. However, MNS, a renowned real estate brokerage, offers insight into areas of the Brooklyn market and Manhattan market that are less expensive.

Where to Find Affordable Rent

Manhattan: If you’re looking for the cheapest area to live in Manhattan, try hunting for a studio in the Harlem neighborhood. The lowest price for a studio without a doorman is about $1,575.

Brooklyn: On average, the cheapest place to live in Brooklyn is in Bay Ridge. It’s relatively easy to find a studio for $1,200. With an average unit price of $1,213, Prospect Lefferts Gardens is also a good place to look.

To find other affordable areas, try getting a car rental and driving around the area.

Affordable Moving Truck Rentals

When you do find the perfect place, get a moving truck rental from Empire Rent a Car. We’ve been serving New York for over 40 years, and we’re proud to offer some of the most affordable rental cars, truck rentals, and van rentals on the market.

We have multiple sizes of moving truck rentals so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect one. Make a reservation online, or call us at 800-750-8782. We look forward to making your move easy.

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