Empire Rent A Car Answers Your Top 4 Questions

Renting a car is usually a pretty cut-and-dried process. But, sometimes, issues arise and a seasoned traveler will want to be prepared for any hiccups or special situations. At Empire Rent A Car, we recommend perusing our FAQs page to review possible scenarios that might apply to your situation. We pride ourselves on our unmatched customer service and we would love to answer any question regarding our policies and procedures. Here are answers to some of our top questions; we hope you find them helpful!

Rental Car Questions

1. What is the minimum age to rent a car?

The minimum age requirement to rent a car at Empire Rent A Car is 18 years old. Any renter between the ages of 18 to 21 years will be charged an additional “Young Renters Fee” of $57 per day. Renters between the ages of 22 to 24 years will be charged an additional “Young Renters Fee” of $20 per day.

2. Does Empire take cash for a rental?

Empire Rent A Car accepts cash payment for any rental car. However, if you want to leave a cash deposit, you must also provide a few additional items, including a valid driver’s license, a local utility bill, and proof of employment (such as a job ID or paycheck stub).

3. What if I am running late on returning the rental car?

Life happens. We get that. Traffic in New York can pile up fast, and while we recommend that you plan ahead for that, we also include a one-hour grace period in our car rental return policy. After that one-hour grace period, you will be charged a late fee per additional hour. If your late fees accumulate to equal the daily rate, you will be charged that daily rate.

4. Are pets allowed in rental cars?

We love a puppy as much as the next person. But even the cutest dog or cat can leave behind hair (or worse). In order to keep our rental cars in the best possible shape, we prefer that you do not transport your pets in our car or van rentals. However, if it’s necessary, then please take precautions to make sure your furry friend is contained and that no pet hair or odor is left behind. If your dog does leave his mark, then you will be charged an additional cleaning and deodorizing fee ($70 minimum).

Hopefully we have helped you get on your way today by answering a few important questions. The staff at Empire Rent a Car is proud to offer high quality, dependable, and affordable rental cars for the visitors and residents of NYC. If you need additional clarification or want to make a reservation, contact us directly at (800) 750-8782.

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