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Celebrate Spring at the Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden

Picture a beautiful courtyard shaded by sprawling trees and surrounded by a high wall—it’s an outdoor oasis in downtown New York. Hundreds of people mill around the garden talking, listening to live music, and—best of all—consuming a fine selection of savory Slovak and Czech foods and beers. You’ll find all this and more at the Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden.

The Menu

Come hungry, because this Queens hideaway has incredible food. If you’re feeling traditional, order the nachos grande, Buffalo wings, or steak. However, the Czech and Slovak foods are what make this beer garden so famous. Below are just a few of its delicious dishes:

•    Roasted duck served with dumplings and red cabbage
•    Chicken or pork schnitzel
•    Baked palacinka—crepes with spinach, mushrooms, and Muenster cheese
•    Utopenec—spicy, marinated knockwurst sausages with pickled onions and vinegar
•    Czech potato pancakes served with sour cream and applesauce

But it doesn’t end there. Any beer aficionado will love the beverages, which include several German and Belgium brews, Czech lagers, and a classic collection of Czech shots.

Hours and Admission

The Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden is open all week, with set hours from Monday–Thursday and extended hours during the weekend. Remember that the bar and the beer garden have different hours from the attached restaurant.

Getting There

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