Attention Locals: Affordable Moving Trucks

Spring always brings a drastic increase in the number of people moving. After all, no one wants to move a lifetime of possessions out of one house and into another while slippery ice threatens and bitter winds bite. If you’re ready to upgrade to a larger residence or to relocate closer to your workplace, Empire Rent a Car has everything you need to make the transition smoothly.

Whether you’re moving to a different street or to a different borough, our large selection of moving truck rentals ensures that you will find the perfect size. Below are your options:

  • 12’ box truck
  • 15’box truck with ramp
  • 16’ truck with liftgate
  • 18’ truck
  • 24’ truck

Regardless of how small or large of a truck you may need, we have an affordable truck rental that will safely fit and transport your things.

It’s Smart to Rent

Getting a moving truck ultimately saves you time, effort, and gas. Better yet, it gives you the chance to move smoothly and stress free. For your convenience, we also offer hand trucks, moving dollies, and furniture pads.

Empire Rent a Car has eight locations across New York, meaning that you can pick up a moving truck in Brooklyn and drop if off in Long Island, Bronx, or Queens (or vice versa). In addition to moving trucks, you can also rent a car or get a spacious van rental from us. Regardless of what vehicle you choose, make sure to check our online specials—they’ll help you save even more money. Make a reservation online today, or contact us at 800-750-8782. We look forward to serving you.

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