4 Tips for Practicing Defensive Driving

Practicing defensive driving involves implementing essential techniques for operating a vehicle in order to get to your destination safely. This driving technique is especially crucial when navigating busy highways or congested downtown streets. So, if you want to drive your SUV rental from Empire Rent A Car safely, then here are four tips to keep in mind.

4 Tips to Practicing Defensive Driving

1. Plan Your Route

Before you hop behind the wheel of a rental car, make sure you’ve planned out your route. This plan should involve knowing where your turns are and where you’ll need to exit. It would be best if you also looked for parking before heading out. Also, keep the weather conditions in mind and plan for anything, including heavy rains and high winds, which make driving more difficult in the city.

2. Brake Early

The best way to practice defensive driving is to break early when out on the road. Giving yourself plenty of time and distance between the car in front of you can help mitigate collisions. Depending on how fast you’re traveling, you can expect it to take two or three times the length of your car to come to a complete stop. So make sure you give yourself plenty of time to brake.

3. Don’t Drive Distracted

Getting behind the wheel of a vehicle means you must put your phone down. Unfortunately, holding your phone while you drive is just asking for distractions, and that’s not something you can afford in a rental. Also, if you’re new to the city, driving distracted is a great way to miss turns and get lost. It’s also a prime suspect in vehicle accidents.

4. Scan Your Surroundings

Whether you’re driving in the crowded downtown area or rolling down the highway, you must scan your surroundings. Being aware of what’s around you and the vehicle will help you prevent an accident. Practicing defensive driving means continuously checking your mirrors, seeing who’s behind you and beside you, and avoiding packs of cars on the highway.

Practicing Defensive Driving in a Rental

It’s always best to practice defensive driving while in your car, SUV, or truck rental from Empire Rent A Car. This technique will help keep you and others safe on the road. To get an instant quote on a car for your next trip to Brooklyn, NY, call us at (800) 750-8782.

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