Why You Should Rent a Mercedes Sprinter Van

Renting a vehicle while on vacation or a business trip is standard practice. However, there are multiple additional reasons to get a rental. When you rent a Mercedes Sprinter van, for example, you can use it for numerous reasons. In this article, Empire Rent A Car explains the reasons and benefits of opting for a luxury sprinter van.
Why You Should Rent a Mercedes Sprinter Van


Sprinter vans accommodate 12 or 15 passengers. If you fill them to capacity, they fit everyone comfortably. If you don’t, the interior space becomes even more expansive. Everyone onboard can relax comfortably as you make your way to the group destination. Moreover, the extra space is made complete by the additional luxury not experienced in buses or standard vans. 


Sprinter vans are popular for many reasons, one of which is versatility. As stated, the interior is superior to other group vehicles, but that doesn’t mean it sacrifices handling. In fact, some vans come with four-wheel drive so that you can travel in inclement weather. Whether you navigate the city, park in a standard-sized space, or have to go off-road, you can drive confidently. In other words, you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. 

You might think that larger vehicles mean you’ll spend more money on gas. While the size of the tank factors into the number of gallons you fill, which determines the price, you should also consider gas mileage. Fortunately, when it comes to gas mileage, the Mercedes Sprinter van was built with an efficient diesel engine. For this reason, you can rest easy as you tool around town, knowing you made a great decision. 

Multiple Uses

Are you planning a family vacation? If so, you can take your family in style. The kids will have plenty of room, and the adults will have plenty of comforts. In addition to family trips, these vans offer other uses, too, including

  • Party-bus
  • Compay shuttle bus
  • Tour bus
  • Traveling executive office

Rent a Mercedes Sprinter Van with Empire

Empire Rent A Car offers a variety of rental vehicles. No matter your travel needs, our vehicle consultants can help.  Whether you want to tool around Long Island in the luxury of a Mercedes Sprinter Van, other vans, rental car, SUV, or something else, we’re sure to have the perfect vehicle in our inventory. Experience all Long Island has to offer with colleagues, family, or friends. When you’re ready to ride in style, contact Empire Rent A Car at (800) 750-8782

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