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Why You Need a Refrigerated Cargo Van

If you’re in the market for a new cargo van, you may be wondering if you should buy a refrigerated cargo van. After all, with summer temperatures rising, your business could use the extra cold to transport goods. However, there are several good reasons why renting one from Empire Rent A Car is the right choice for business.

Why You Need a Refrigerated Cargo Van

1. The Need for Refrigerated Cargo Vans is on the Rise

Have you seen the market lately? Unfortunately, it’s becoming harder and harder to find reliable refrigerated cargo vans that still run and will keep your perishables cold while out for delivery. That’s why Empire Rent A Car is proud to offer a large fleet of these vans. Renting one long-term or just when you need it guarantees you always have a reliable van for making your deliveries and keeping goods fresh!

2. Lowers Costs While Raising Profits

If you’re in the food business, then you know that timing is everything. Delivering fresh, delicious, and safe food requires a refrigerated cargo van that can keep everything at the perfect temperature. Not only does this lower your costs by keeping food from going bad, but it also raises your profits by ensuring that your customers always get the best possible product. Plus, without the overhead of a van payment, you can focus on growing your business while we handle all things related to the van. 

3. Convenient and Reliable

Our vans are equipped with state-of-the-art refrigeration units that keep your products at the correct temperature, whether it is hot or cold outside. In addition, our refrigerated vans are designed for easy loading and unloading, with wide cargo doors and ramp access. And because we maintain a fleet of late-model vans, you can be assured of getting a reliable vehicle that will meet your refrigerated transportation needs. So if you need a convenient and reliable refrigerated transportation solution, call Empire Rent A Car today!

Rent from Our Fleet of Cargo Vans

When your business needs a refrigerated cargo van, Sprinter, or even a midsize refrigerated box truck, turn to the fleet from Empire Rent A Car. We proudly serve businesses of all sizes throughout Brooklyn, Long Island, and Queens, NY. To get a quote for a corporate rental arrangement, call us at (800) 750-8782.

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