Why You Need a Corporate Rental Account

When it comes to serving your customers, credibility and reputation are everything. A corporate rental account from Empire Rent A Car is a great and affordable option to owning a fleet. Many small businesses can’t afford the purchase or maintenance costs associated with fleet management, so they turn to us. And here’s why you should do the same!

Why You Need a Corporate Rental Account

Access to a Wide Variety of Vehicles

Depending on why you need a corporate rental account, you could find yourself driving vehicles that were initially out of your price range. We’re talking about anything from a refrigerator truck for your bakery or even a luxury, full-size SUV for a work conference. With a corporate rental, you can impress both your clients and your vendors.

Low Monthly Payments

Unlike purchasing your own corporate fleet, renting your vehicles as you need them lowers your monthly payments. Think about it- when you own a vehicle, you’re responsible for the monthly payment and insurance. But when you rely on a corporate rental account, you pay a lower price. This lowers both your liabilities and your overhead costs.

Zero Maintenance

Finally, the last perk to opening a corporate rental account with us is the fact that you won’t be responsible for the maintenance. That’s right! Maintenance costs can cut into your profits, especially if you have multiple vehicles with multiple drivers. When you own your own company vehicles, you’re responsible for all the time and money it takes for repairs. Even routine checks and oil changes can be expensive.

Trust a Corporate Fleet

Opening a corporate fleet account with Empire Rent A Car is quick and easy. We make it that way so you can focus on other aspects of running your business in Brooklyn, NY. Some of our luxury Suburbans even come with extra perks. So, come check out our fleets of trucks or vans online or give us a call at (800) 750-8752.

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