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Top 5 Things To Do in the Bronx

things to do Bronx
New York Botanical Garden
Welcome to the Bronx! If you’re reading this article, we assume you’re a new resident, perhaps still in the process of unloading your moving truck rental. Or you may be visiting NYC and looking for some ways to explore the city. Empire Rent a Car suggests visiting these five Bronx attractions:

1. New York Botanical Garden

Ranking #1 on TripAdvisor for things to do in the Bronx, the New York Botanical Garden has beautiful gardens (at least 50!) and plant exhibitions unlike anything you’ve ever seen. So if you’re in need of some green, check out the gardens! You can purchase a grounds-only admission or all-garden admission.

2. Bronx Zoo

If you’re a fan of animals, then you’ll definitely want to visit the Bronx Zoo.  From Jungleworld to the Himalayan Highlands, you can see and learn about exotic animals from around the world. Here’s a money-saving tip: Bronx Zoo admission is free on Wednesdays, with a donation. You can cut down on your tourist expenses this way, but remember that with free admission comes bigger crowds, so plan accordingly.
NY attractions
Bronx Zoo

3. Bronx Little Italy

This New York neighborhood is rich with history and good Italian eateries. Just take a stroll down Arthur Avenue, and take advantage of the many Italian-American eateries and shops.

4. Yankee Stadium

Baseball fan or not, you may want to visit the new Yankee Stadium in the South Bronx. Opening in 2009, the current Yankee Stadium replaced the old Yankee Stadium that opened in 1923 and was nicknamed “the House that Ruth Built.”
places to go Bronx
Yankee Stadium

5. Wave Hill

Maintained by a local non-profit organization, Wave Hill is a 26-acre green area for you to enjoy and soak in nature. You can check out the gardens and greenhouses. NY residents may want to take advantage of environmental protection programs. If you are in the process of relocating to the Bronx, be sure to check out Empire Rent a Car’s truck rentals. We have many different-sized moving truck rental options to meet your needs. Call our friendly and professional staff toll-free at 800-750-8782 to reserve your truck rental today. photo credit: brainware3000 via photopin cc photo credit: via photopin cc photo credit: m01229 via photopin cc
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