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Top 5 Business That Need a Refrigerated Truck

Recently, companies have chosen to rent vehicles for business use instead of buying them. Renting a refrigerated truck makes a lot of sense for some companies. What specific businesses might need a refrigerated truck and why? Empire Rent A Car tackles the answers to both of these questions in this article. Keep reading to discover more, and take action if they apply to you. 

Top 5 Business That Need a Refrigerated Truck (And Why)

1. Startup Companies

For every industry we include in this list, there is someone who dreams of a successful business. After all, who wants to invest in heavy capital expenditures when you’re still in the startup phase? No matter your business idea, it’s a good idea to rent if you need a refrigerated truck. When you rent, you prove the model and don’t have to run the risk of heavy investment in case things go south.

2. Food Service

The most obvious reason you might need a refrigerated truck is to transport temperature-controlled foods. Within this category, though, exists several opportunities for businesses. First, food trucks have become popular over the past several years. The food truck model is successful and requires a temperature-controlled vehicle for successful execution, though.  

Next, you can’t forget about the ice cream/frozen treat model. It would help if you had a refrigerated truck to execute this dream successfully. After all, who doesn’t love the sound of the ice cream truck’s music wafting through the summer air? 

Third, don’t forget about butchers and fresh meat. Numerous examples exist of high-grade, quality steaks, pork, and chicken delivery services. Additionally, many butcher shops now offer delivery services. Whether you’re a third-party delivery service or a butcher shop that’s considering investing in a refrigerated delivery truck, renting one is a great way to prove out the model. 

Last on the list of foodservice options are meal program coordinators. Meal program coordinators involve meal delivery services that emphasize low-calorie, diet-specific, or low-effort meals for convenience. Moreover, it also includes nonprofit programs whose mission is to deliver meals to the food insecure or children on subsidized meal plans at school. 

Keep in mind that rules and regulations exist that specify requirements for human-consumed food. Therefore, you’ll want to balance regulatory requirements with the desire to provide tasty treats or meals to your prospective client base. Either way, you’ll need a refrigerated truck.

3. Florists

When you send a floral gift, presentation means every bit as much as thoughtfulness. The only way to achieve presentation is to keep the flowers at a temperature that prevents wilting and keeps flowers fresh. Flower arrangements should be kept chilled to extend their life and arrive fresh.

Does Your Business Need a Refrigerated Truck?

We’ve covered just a few examples of why a refrigerated truck might make sense for your business model. If you’re interested in taking the next step, contact Empire Rent A Car at (800) 750-8782. We have rental locations in Brooklyn, the Bronx, and New York. Check out our rental cars, passenger vans, and cargo vans if refrigerated trucks aren’t your thing. Contact us for more information. 

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