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Know Your Van-Rental Options

You need to rent a vehicle, and you know that a car just won’t cut it. You need a van. But with all our van-rental options here at Empire Rent A Car, how can you decide which one is right for you? The best way to find the right van rental is to know your options and choose which features best fit your needs and your budget. So let us give you a quick run-down as to what each van features.

Minivan Rental

NYC Minivan RentalOur minivans are perfect for when you need a comfortable ride, plenty of storage space, and seating for up to seven passengers. They’re great both for that family vacation or business trip in NYC because they offer the space but are still easy to navigate—especially when you need to parallel park. Additional minivan features include a rear backup camera, dual climate control, stereo with CD player, and automatic transmission. With the minivan rental, you can also add on a few options to make travel even easier, including GPS navigation and onboard TV/DVD player (which make great diversions when traveling with kids).

Passenger Van Rental

12 Passenger Van RentalA passenger van is ideal for groups or big families. We have several different passenger van models, with seating ranging from 12 to 15 passengers. Our fleet includes the traditional passenger van models (ones that you probably used for high school band trips or that youth group trip with your church). However, we also have some more high-end models including the Mercedes-Benz Metris and the Sprinter passenger van. Both of these models look sleeker and come with additional features like leather seats, a backup camera, onboard navigation, and more. All our passenger van options also have plenty of storage space for luggage and so on.

Cargo Van Rental

NYC Cargo Van RentalWhen what you need to haul isn’t people, a cargo van is likely your best bet. Our cargo vans have seating for only two people, but the back has plenty of space for whatever you might need to haul. Whether you’re toting gear to your band’s next gig or you’re moving to an apartment in Brooklyn, cargo vans were designed to help haul smaller loads without having to rent a huge moving truck.

Find Out More

Need to know a bit more about our van rentals? Contact our staff at Empire Rent A Car today by calling (800) 750-8782. You can also make a reservation online anytime.

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