Innovations in Truck Rentals: Driving Efficiency and Sustainability

In today’s fast-paced world, businesses are constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency and sustainability in their operations. One area that has seen significant innovations is commercial vehicle rentals from Empire Rent A Car, specifically refrigerated trucks and P-700 vans with shelving. With the introduction of brand-new truck rentals of each type to our lots, businesses in NYC now have access to cutting-edge vehicles that can help streamline their delivery processes.

Innovations in Truck Rentals: Driving Efficiency and Sustainability

Refrigerated Box Trucks

Our new refrigerated box trucks for rent include the Isuzu N series diesel with a Morgan box. Equipped with a Carrier Supra independent refrigeration system, these trucks allow for independent, stand-alone operation of the refrigerator, even when the truck is stationary. This ensures that your perishable goods stay fresh during transit and increases overall efficiency.

Additionally, features include:

  • Electric plug-in for efficiency
  • Tucked-away oversized lift gate for food carts and heavy pallets
  • Side door for easy access delivery
  • Roll-up rear door
  • Backup camera for safety
  • E track to secure cargo

P-700 Vans with Shelving

For businesses focused on package delivery, P-700 vans with shelving offer a convenient solution. Manufactured by either Morgan Olson or Utilimaster, these vans come equipped with foldable wall shelving that efficiently organizes packages. Whether you opt for a van with a roll-up door or swinging barn doors, you’ll have easy access to your cargo. The full camera system, including back, front, and side cameras, ensures added safety during transportation. With short- and long-term rental options, businesses can choose the rental period that best suits their needs.

Innovative Solutions for NYC Businesses

These innovations in truck rentals are particularly beneficial for businesses operating in industries such as food delivery services or e-commerce, where timely and safe transportation of goods is essential. By utilizing our refrigerated box trucks and P-700 vans with shelving, your business can drive efficiency in its delivery processes. You’ll also contribute to sustainability through optimized routes and reduced fuel consumption.

Make the Smart Rental Choice with Empire

If you’re considering commercial box truck or van rentals for your business here in New York City, NY, turn to Empire Rent A Car. We have more than 12 new vehicles ready to meet all your long-term and short-term needs. Need vehicles for vendors or guests? We also have luxury cars and SUVs. So, come check us out or contact us at (800) 750-8782.

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