6 Tips for Planning a Fall Getaway

Fall New York Travel TipsWhether you’re on a school schedule with a built-in fall break or you’re just in need of some respite, a fall vacation may be just what you need. A little time away, a break from the crazy schedule, will be like a breath of fresh air. Plus, who doesn’t love to go on a good road trip in the fall, when the leaves are vibrant and at their best? 

To make the most of your fall getaway, consider these six tips from our crew at Empire Rent A Car.

1. Set a vacation budget.

It’s easy to spend money mindlessly when you don’t set some guidelines. A budget can help you minimize travel anxiety because you know exactly what you have to spend and you stick to it. No more returning from a trip, only to realize you’ve drained your bank account. That will only undo any good your getaway did.

2. Look for good deals.

You can often find destination deals online, whether through websites like Groupon or other travel sites. We recommend that you always look for a special discount or coupon before you agree to pay full price. (For car rental deals in NYC, check out our current specials to see whether any of them work for you.)

3. Know your vacation needs.

Remember you’re planning a getaway, a chance to be refreshed. If packing a getaway full of museums, attractions, and visiting friends sounds like just what you need, then by all means go for it. However, if you just need a cabin, some food, and a good book, just do it. Choose a vacation that makes the most sense for you.

4. Make reservations early.

Fall is here, and many people are feeling the travel itch just like you are. Try to book your rental car or hotel room in advance, being mindful that availability often gets limited as travel dates get closer.

5. Keep the season in mind.

Choose seasonally appropriate activities. Do yourself a favor, and check the projected weather for that timeframe. A picnic on the beach may sound great now, but if you wait too long, you may find yourself shivering with the picnic blanket wrapped around you.

6. Pay attention to ratings.

If you’re wanting to try a new destination or rent a car for the first time, be sure to check out customer reviews. Nothing can ruin a vacation faster than sub-par customer service or lack of professionalism.

For the very best in rentals (from cars to vans to SUVs), contact Empire of NYC today at (800) 750-8782. We’ll help you find a reliable car at an affordable rate for your fall getaway.


photo credit: Fall Foliage via flickr license

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